Voices live in every finite being,
Often undivined, near silence.
Hear them!
Hear them in you! in others!
They sense truth deep in all life;
They know the things true Pilgrims stand for.
Stand out!
Come to Him without the things the world brings;
Come to Him!
As a child and as a poor man.
He had all. He gave all.

~Charles Ives

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My brother is now a Master of Divinity, and we are so proud of him.

Everyone from the Rayburn side of the family (minus John Wykoff)
came to St. Louis to celebrate.

If you're wondering why Bryonie is wearing sunglasses inside the answer is, unfortunately, pictured below.

On the night of the Baccalaureate, when this neat picture was taken...

...I got in a car accident. I won't go into the details. Let's just suffice it to say that we were all so grateful none of the babies were in the car, and, though only after much pain, discomfort, and inconvenience my sister and brother-in-law are healing wonderfully. Thank God for His protection and blessing in the midst of one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Even that statement is a witness of His kindness to me.

Thanks to my parents we have a beautiful new-to-us car, and have entered a new era of vehicular comfort and protection. Despite this great blessing, I couldn't help but feel sadness and loss watching our faithful Toyota Carolla being towed away. I'm sorry we had to end our relationship in such dramatic circumstances. I'm sorry the car did not have the chance to fully demonstrate its hardiness and tenacity.

What a weekend of change.

Beside my brother we witnessed several other good friends' graduation. Among them Jonathan Krueger, a good friend for the last five years:

Doug and Lori Kothe and Kristin and Joe Groeneveld (Our good friend Becky Rockett in the middle):

A few others that I did not have a chance to see on the day are Melynda and Billy Boyce, Kat and Kyle Sanford, Ian Hard, Adam Porcella...so many good friends moving away. This will be the fourth year we have had to say good-bye to close friends. Though we trust to see them all again it is hard to see them go. Such is the nature of living in an academic society. We miss them all! And as for Rob and Jordan...

...let me just say how grateful I am for the years we have had together here. They have added so much joy, comfort and love to our St. Louis life and I'm not sure how we can manage without them. We will miss you above all!

Outside Fun

Speaking of sunscreen and water...

Megan Fowler and I took the boys to City Garden last Friday.
They had a blast.

As I've been able to take him to public places it has been fun to see him respond to the older kids. He watches, wants to be close, responds to their play even if they aren't interested and copies them likes nobody's business.

We were all good and worn out. I love that kind of tired.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Inside Fun

Anytime we're outside these days it needs to involve lots of sunscreen and water. When those are not available we do things like this...

Play with our toys...

Help Dad workout...

Get a few rides in a box...

You know, stuff like that!