Voices live in every finite being,
Often undivined, near silence.
Hear them!
Hear them in you! in others!
They sense truth deep in all life;
They know the things true Pilgrims stand for.
Stand out!
Come to Him without the things the world brings;
Come to Him!
As a child and as a poor man.
He had all. He gave all.

~Charles Ives

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Weekend Respite

Our good friends were given the opportunity to spend some time away from the city at their friend's cabin. And would you believe it? They asked us to come and share this amazing gift with them! 
We are still so grateful for the memories we made with them and with our little family. 


Oh! What a good time we had! 
Thanks, Daniel and April. We love you!


  1. :) thanks courtney. it was a great time for us too! i still can't believe sophie swam next to your boat.

  2. I didn't know you got to do this. Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Love the cute pics! Is Jacob nearly walking?

  4. He is walking all the time now! So strange. So life-changing. I used to have little time to myself. Now I have none. ;)

  5. Looks relaxing! So glad you got to do this Court!