Voices live in every finite being,
Often undivined, near silence.
Hear them!
Hear them in you! in others!
They sense truth deep in all life;
They know the things true Pilgrims stand for.
Stand out!
Come to Him without the things the world brings;
Come to Him!
As a child and as a poor man.
He had all. He gave all.

~Charles Ives

Friday, September 28, 2012


These are for my two lovely mothers. Thank you for your patience. 
We're still working on getting the actual digital copies to you!

Thank you, also, for throwing us a darn good party!


  1. Thank you, Honey! Love these! What a happy night that was...

  2. I loved seeing these pics! Really wish we could have been there with you! So awesome to see Charlie with his hands raised, giving the benediction! Praising God with you my friend!