Voices live in every finite being,
Often undivined, near silence.
Hear them!
Hear them in you! in others!
They sense truth deep in all life;
They know the things true Pilgrims stand for.
Stand out!
Come to Him without the things the world brings;
Come to Him!
As a child and as a poor man.
He had all. He gave all.

~Charles Ives

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've been trying to include Charlie as much as I can in my daily tasks. He loves helping and often can be more helpful than I think possible. In this instance, I was getting back into baking for the Fall--can't STAND baking in the summer heat!--and was happy to let him help/play with my mess-ups. We had a blast! 

Can you tell what we made?
After a bath, I had him help me clean up. He insisted on cleaning before he got dressed.
I wasn't going to argue with him there. 


  1. Good job, Honey; you're "a better man than I am!" LOVE the train. Is he going to be an artist like his daddy? Makes me think of the time your husband made us homemade pasta at the cabin!

  2. He certainly has the concentration it would take! He may be more an engineer than artist type, though. Likes to have things organized.

  3. He looks like he was having so much fun!